Website Development


Dynex developed and launched its website in 1999. The site has evolved to become the core of an very successful lead generation process. Marketing programs direct traffic to the site for nurturing and sales contact.

A website with good user experience and relevant content is a powerful, cost-effective tool.  It increases awareness and enhances the brand by providing a positive impression. With search engine optimization, a website is a magnet for prospective customers seeking a source to meet their requirements and solve problems.

New Website Image3-Full Sreen-Full Size

The website upgrade features more industry-specific focus for greater user involvement. Interactive links between products and applications increase onsite time for better conversion. Larger graphics and video improve the brand presentation. Pages, with pull-down and “accordion” menu navigation, provide more direct links to product information.


A website can deliver targeted marketing messages to new markets. Interactive design allows customer feedback on products and marketing programs. A site acts as an extension of the sales department, available 24/7, with content that can easily be kept current.

The Dynex website upgrade, shown at right, is more interactive for better user experience. It includes improvements in content, internal linking strategies and call-to-action messages. The improved site, with a clean, contemporary look, is currently under development.


The Dynex website had 58,000 unique visitors in 2012. Ongoing search engine optimization, for consistent first-page rankings, has resulted in annual 10% increases in traffic and lead generation. Onsite registrations are contacted via email, with qualified leads followed-up by sales representatives. Go to the Dynex website.

New Website Image2-400

The current Dynex website features interactive links to guide visitors to detailed product information and specification tables. Left-column navigation includes changing icons. A list of applications is also helpful, and provides on-site content for effective search engine optimization.

The Dynex website requires registration to download product literature in PDF format. Returning visitors can input their email address. The “Comments” field aids in qualifying sales leads. A 10% conversion rate facilitates the development of an active prospect list for future campaigns.

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