Video Promotion


Animated video illustrates how Dynex pumps produce their operating advantages. Its dynamic music and authoritative narration add credibility to the company’s brand promise of high power performance and long operating life. (Click image to view video)


Videos shown on large flat screens can solve the trade show challenge of adding color, light and motion in a company’s trade show booth. Dynex videos demonstrate its unique pump operation and promote pump benefits. Dynamic images and music hold visitors attention and increase engagement with its products. (Click image to enlarge)


Video has become a powerful tool because it accelerates the demand generation process for business-to-business marketing.

With the marketing trend away from traditional ads, video can be an especially effective alternative. Images and sounds are more compelling than text, capturing attention and creating credibility for a company’s messages.


Paid online advertising can be targeted with the marketing message focused on customers’ needs. Embedded video can deliver a relevant message with greater engagement and increased credibility. (Click image to enlarge)

With current digital technology, video is easy to produce. Relevant and engaging content is effective in building awareness and increasing brand interest.

Video can more easily showcase a company’s expertise as a leader in its industry. The format is also effective for presenting case studies and testimonials.


Video is used strategically across all communication channels. Links to video content on the Dynex website and campaign landing pages increase traffic and improve opt-in registration of visitors.

YOUTUBE ScreenImage

YouTube has over 150 million monthly viewers. It is the second largest search engine. Because viewers search for topics and select relevant content, it can effectively deliver a company’s value proposition. Dynex videos on the site are optimized for search and include a link to drive viewers to their website for more information. (Click image to enlarge)

Onsite video also improves search engine ranking since video content is typically about 70 percent of search engine results.


Marketing across multiple communication channels delivers pertinent messages to targeted audiences when they are most receptive.


Targeted email sent to segmented lists has been effective in driving customers and prospects to custom Dynex landing pages. Links to videos in the emails increase open- and click-through rates. Typical open rates for these campaigns have been between 30 and 40 percent. (Click on image to enlarge)

Dynex uses targeted online advertising, with appropriate video for specific market segments, to generate leads that can be qualified.

A link on the company’s YouTube page drives traffic to its website. Video does not need to be complex. A simple animated line-drawing illustrating Dynex pump operation has generated over 60,000 views.


Successful email campaigns use segmented customer and prospect lists to nurture leads. Custom messages include video content aimed at different market segments. Readers are directed to landing pages, with relevant messages that promote products and market the Dynex brand.

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