Personal Selling at Trade Shows

ADIPEC trade show in the U.A.E.

Exhibitions, such as ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., are important to Dynex achieving success in global markets. A commitment to exhibit demonstrates that a company is serious about the local market. Establishing a personal relationship through face-to-face selling is widely respected in the Middle East and Asia.

Offshore Technology Conference, Houston, TX

The Dynex exhibit at the Offshore Technology Conference benefits from large graphics that clearly identify the company and its products. Eye-level graphics promote application benefits. Exhibitors must quickly attract attention with a compelling reason to visit their booth. (Click image to enlarge)


Despite the large investment in money and time, exhibiting at trade shows is a most cost-effective “face-to-face” marketing strategy. Trade shows allow an exhibitor to meet with hundreds of qualified, motivated customers over just a few days.

Personal selling is important to demonstrate commitment, develop relationships and build trust. This is especially true in global markets.

Brazil Offshore Show cooperative with Guimmy

Dynex exhibited at the Offshore Brasil exhibition in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to support their regional distributor. Visitors at trade shows in Brazil expect to be entertained with lights, music, food and beverages. (Click image to enlarge)

Exhibit at Hannover Fair, Germany

Dynex exhibited at Hannover Fair in Germany to better understand European customer needs and to share ideas with many new distributors on how best to sell its pumps. (Click image to enlarge)

Show selection should be guided by the marketing plan, targeting specific industries or countries. Broad-interest shows are not always the most effective. Dynex does not exhibit at hydraulics shows, instead participating in specific events where their target customers are exhibiting, such as tunneling, aerospace, and oil & gas exhibitions.

Dyned stand at OSEA, Singapore

The Dynex booth at the Offshore South East Asia exhibition promoted the company’s pumps for use in the Oil & Gas industry. Products, graphics and video marketed the Dynex brand to new potential customers, supporting the regional distributor. (Click image to enlarge)


Show objectives includes marketing the company’s brand, generating leads and meeting with customers.  In the 1990’s, Dynex regularly exhibited at Hannover Fair, Germany. The event was an opportunity to learn about European customer needs. Luncheons are a venue to discuss opportunities with Dynex sales representatives.

Trade shows offer the perfect opportunity for market research. Competitive products, promotions and strategies can be researched by walking the show. Industry trends and innovative exhibit ideas can be studied.

OTC with video on large flat screen

The Dynex exhibit at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston focuses on the company’s unique pump design. Products and demonstrations are on the aisle of the booth, which is in a prime position at the front of the hall. An animated pump video with dynamic music plays on a large flat screen at the front of the booth. (Click image to enlarge)


New product launches can be timed to take advantage of the large, captive audience provided by a large industry exhibition. This is an opportunity to promote products with unique designs or new technology that offers an inherent competitive advantage.

Dynex promoted its new pump with corrosion-resistant stainless steel at Oil & Gas shows around the world. New product displays with graphics, single-fluid pump demonstrations and a dynamic animated pump video were used to attract attraction.


Pre-show promotion should include a website page with product benefits that solve industry products. Dynex information for their exhibit at ADIPEC was optimized for top ranking on search engines. (Click image to visit website)

Trade show promotion is especially effective combining traditional media with online advertising, email, and social media. Inexpensive product publicity that promotes new products can target industry trade publications and show newspapers. Content marketing can engage visitors with compelling messages to motivate them to attend the event.

An inexpensive promotional handout, related to a product benefit, can add to an exhibit’s memorability. At Oil & Gas shows, Dynex distributes free Dynex-branded lime soda, which promotes its pumps for use with green water-glycol fluid used in the industry. Direct mail packages, with soda and pint glasses with the Dynex logo, are sent to key contacts made at the show. Sales representatives following up with visitors carry a six-pack of soda with them as a reminder of the positive exhibit experience.


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