Online Advertising


Banner ads in Chinese industrial websites promoted the Dynex brand. Users clicking on the ads were driven to the Dynex Chinese website, which provided links to the company’s distributors.


Most industrial advertising can benefit from a combination of “pull” and “push” marketing. Pull marketing engages the prospective customer to learn more at their option, through search engine optimized websites, compelling blogs and social media.


Potential customers who are actively searching for product solutions use GlobalSpec’s searchable directory. Relevant banner ads adjacent to the listings link to advertiser profiles. Because all users are registered, advertisers can prepared effective prospect profiles for sales follow-up. (Click image to enlarge)

Push adverting is the traditional approach in which the marketing message is presented to the audience without their taking action. Ads in trade magazines or direct mail are examples.


Dynex online advertising on GlobalSpec combines the push approach that has the look of traditional display advertising but compels readers to respond to relevant online content. The GlobalSpec international directory and search engine is used by 7 million registered industrial users.


The unique GlobalSpec interactive directory is searchable by product specifications, which are then displayed for further research. (Click image to enlarge)

GlobalSpec advertising supports Dynex objectives to drive awareness, demand, and engagement. Content includes weekly Product Announcements with specific references to application solutions for specific industries. Qualified sales leads are generated by display ads in newsletters sent to registered users in specific industries.

Banner ads are an element in the company’s initiative to market its brand in China. Displayed on Chinese design engineering websites, the ads link readers to the Dynex Chinese website.


Product Announcements on the GlobalSpec website included Dynex power units, an integral element of its campaign to increase falling unit sales.


Internet marketing provides a 24/7 presence strengthening brand image and generating product interest. The Dynex GlobalSpec program produced 5,200 sales contacts over twelve months, filling the sales pipeline during challenging economic conditions.

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