New Product Introductions

Promoting new pumps at trade shows

New stainless-steel pumps, with a bright, eye-catching finish, were displayed at industry trade shows throughout the world, including the large Offshore Technology Conference in Houston. Large graphics, sell sheets and a dynamic video on large flat-screen displays promoted the advantages of the unique pump design. (Click image to enlarge)


Successful new products are launched with a thorough understanding of customer needs. They should solve a critical customer problem and add a value proposition.

Customer input in the Oil & Gas industry precipitated the introduction of the new Dynex stainless-steel pump.  The corrosion-resistant models would provide longer life in harsh, offshore environments.

Although production cost was an important consideration, price was based on customer value perception. The targeted value and price drove the design decisions.

GSpec_PF4300_P_Announce_ Image_Large

Pumps for use in the Oil & Gas industry were promoted on GlobalSpec, the online industrial directory. Other applications for the high pressure pumps were also highlighted in Product Announcements and Newsletters, generating 5,200 sales contacts over twelve months. The program engaged markets, and filled the sales pipeline during difficult economic conditions. (Click image to enlarge)

With the introduction of the new pumps, Dynex could now compete head-to-head with other competitive stainless pumps, with the additional advantage of their single-fluid design, offering lower system costs.

The new pump was promoted using an integrated communication strategy across multiple channels.


Stainless Steel Pump SellSheet Image 250

A sell sheet was developed to promote the new stainless-steel pump. Printed copies were distributed at trade shows. Digital copies in PDF format were available for sales use and for downloading from a website landing page created to promote the pump. (Click image to enlarge)

The product launch was timed to coincide with the industry’s largest international trade show. Pump displays with bright machined housings attracted visitors’ attention. An animated video, playing on a large flat screen, stopped visitors in the aisle.


Online advertising promoted the pump and the Dynex exhibit at the show. Product announcements, included in the on-line directory GlobalSpec, marketed the Dynex high-performance brand promise and detailed the corrosion resistant benefits.

A pre-show e-mail campaign publicized the product launch, inviting customers and prospects to learn more about the pump. A small campaign targeting customers and key prospects included free invitations to the show. A broader segmented campaign was sent to previous oil show attendees, website visitors in the industry, and to global prospects generated through online advertising programs.


The email announcing the new stainless-steel pump promoted the benefits of the single-fluid design, a competitive advantage compared to other stainless pumps. (Click image to enlarge)

A landing page for the broad email campaign offered literature downloads and access to the two videos shown at the recent trade show. The open rate for this campaign was about 30 percent. (Click to go to landing page)


Post-show marketing combined direct mail email and follow-up by sales representatives and distributors. Personally signed letters with appropriate collateral material was mailed to North American show visitors.

An email campaign promoted the new pump to the broad pump market. A special landing page provided details, with supporting literature that could be downloaded.

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