Integrated Email Campaigns

BK IR Email Image1

An integrated email campaign promoted Dynex power units. Inquiries received an email offer for a free quote with a link to a custom landing page. Selected leads received a personal letter tucked inside the new sales presentation folder. Sales representatives called qualified leads. (Click on image to enlarge)

A pocket folder was produced for an integrated email campaign to increase power unit sales. (Click image to view PDF document)


Strategic email, with relevant content sent to optimized lists, can achieve several marketing objectives. A one-time campaign can promote a new product, announce a webinar or extend an invitation to a trade show or event.


A Dynex email campaign promoted a new pump model following its introduction at a major trade show. The message focused on the single-fluid design, a competitive advantage compared to competitors’ pumps. (Click image to enlarge)

A series of emails to a compiled list can generate sales leads and can nurture contacts that are not yet ready to buy.


Broader objectives include creating relationships with new customers and building loyalty with established customers. A regular opt-in newsletter can establish a company as an expert and leader in an industry.

Segmenting the mail list facilitates sending the right message to individuals at the right time. Measuring results, through opens, clicks and conversions, allows ongoing improvements in strategy and content.

BK IR Email1

The first of two emails in the Dynex pump aftermarket campaign reinforced the program announced in the post card mailings. (Click image to enlarge)


Results can be improved by combining email with other marketing communication channels. An effective Dynex campaign built segmented mail lists using print and online advertising, website registration and leads captured at trade shows.

Targeted email recipients were driven to a custom landing page, which prompted additional direct sales contact. The site also featured links to new pump videos, which were shown on screens at the trade shows.

BK IR Email Image1

The second email in the integrated campaign reinforced the advantage of immediate shipments. (Click image to enlarge)


An integrated email campaign was used to sell aftermarket Dynex pumps in the asphalt paving industry. A compiled list of paver dealers received two personalized post cards announcing special pricing on pumps for immediate delivery.

The direct mail was coordinated with an email campaign.  A landing page listing models with prices, and a sales department telemarketing program supported this effective integrated campaign.

VolvoBoth Emails Image Large

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