In 2000, Dynex recognized the potential for significant pump sales in the Oil & Gas industry. The marketing strategy to pursue sales in this niche market was based on input from the company’s distributors and customers in the U.S. Gulf region. Designers of wellhead control systems had a need for high-pressure pumps that would provide long service life operating with low-viscosity, environmentally-friendly fluids.


Dynex pumps are used on offshore platforms and land-based oilfields around the world. The pumps supply flow for critical systems that shut down the wellhead for maintenance or in emergency situations. (Click to enlarge image)

The growth of sales in this industry provides a case study of a successful customer-driven strategy, with integrated marketing across combined communication channels.


Initial objectives were to increase company awareness in the industry and to deliver superior customer value to grow market share. Marketing the brand value proposition – reliable, high-pressure operation in extreme conditions – would require an ongoing campaign in this market where Dynex was not well known.

New Website Image2-400

The Dynex website is the core of an effective lead generation process. Global marketing programs direct traffic to the site for nurturing and sales contact. The improved site, shown here, is currently under development. (Click image to go to current site)

The company committed to ongoing product improvements: designing corrosion-resistant pumps that could operate at pressures to 15,000 psi in the harsh offshore and oil-field environment. The inherent benefits of its single-fluid pump design, which reduce maintenance and lower system costs, provides a competitive advantage against other pumps in the market.


Product publicity combined with cost-effective print ads provided reach, frequency and relevancy for the Dynex promotional message in the Oil & Gas industry. (Click image to enlarge)


A consistent communication program combines product publicity, print and online advertising, email campaigns and targeted direct mail. The most critical element is a series of exhibits at industry trade shows around the world.

Email campaigns promote the exhibits, which focus on the company’s unique pump designs. Animated product videos, displayed on large flat screens, provide color, light and action to attract visitors to the booths.

GSpec_PF4300_P_Announce_ Image_Large

Online advertising on the GlobalSpec website promoted pump operation advantages for niche target applications, including those in the Oil & Gas industry. (Click image to enlarge)

Post-show email messages reinforce new customer relationships begun at the exhibitions. Market-specific brochures and sell sheets promote product advantages.

The Dynex website, with carefully crafted pages optimized for key phrases, acts like a magnet for potential customers seeking solutions to industry challenges.

Microsoft Word - Bruce_Peight_Resume.doc

Market-specific brochures demonstrate a commitment and understanding of industry needs. (Click image to view PDF file)


Sell sheets provide a direct comparison of the superior performance of Dynex pumps. (Click image to view PDF file)

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